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003. Why You Need to Invest in a Photographer!

I have had this topic in my 'need to blog about this' phone notes section, foreverrrr! Over the past year I have made it an obligation to get high quality images of both me and my design work, to use on both social media and my website. Even if you are service based, you still need some 10/10 photos to use online. Keep reading on the reasons why I choose to use a photographer and get business shoots done.

1. OUR VISUAL WORLD: In the visual world that we live in today, high quality photos can say so much about your business. You can be running the show with your product or service, but if you aren't portraying it right, people aren't going to believe in your product like you do. People really do like to see quality images of the quality work or pieces they will potentially buy from you!

2. PROFESSIONALISM: Professional photos help YOU to look professional in your business. And it justs shows what kind of quality work you will provide to people. If I see someone puts in the extra time to curate bomb photos on their website and their insta feed, I am 1000x more likely to purchase/work with them.

3. TIME & MONEY: Hiring a photographer will give you tons of content to be able to use throughout time. Personally, I like to do one photoshoot per month. I will have a few outfits, different locations, maybe a couple products/props. And then I will have multiple photos that I will be able to schedule to post throughout the next month or so. And the more you show up on instagram and are consistent in your posting, the more moooneyyy you will bring in as well. The amount you post on Instagram, directly correlates with your sales as a business these days.

Below is an example of what it looks like when you use your iPhone (photo #1) to take a picture to post on your feed, based on when you hire a professional photographer (photos #2,3,4). Same outfit, same day, but so much more appeal and 'next level' vibes. (Professional Images by Northern Charm Photography) The investment is so worth it babes, DM that photographer you've been eyeing TODAY! You won't regret it! XO