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004. How to Create a Professional Email Signature (EASY!)

Okay, I get asked this question soooooo often, "How do you get your email signature to look like that? Is it hard? Can I pay you to do it?" And I am here to once again share ALL my secrets.

I do know how to code/design a signature and Install it with HTML on GMail.. but I don't do it that way. I am constantly changing and evolving in my business, so I found a quicker solution to this problem. I now work with a company called Wisestamp that has email signature templates where you can customize them to fit your brands needs.

There is a free version of this and it adds a little Wisestamp business link and image to your email signature too (I do NOT think that looks professional at all though, please pay the extra $4 per month to have that removed!) You can add your own image/logo and add your social links. It can be customized with your exact brand colors, and there are multiple layouts to choose from as well.

So get your booty over to Wisestamp.com and sign up today (this is literally not sponsored but I totally wish it was!) If you are totally not computer savy and really need help setting your signature up, hit me up and mention this blog post and I will design your signature for a flat $10 fee! ;)