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005. FREEBIE $$$ Goal Tracker for 2019

Hey Friends! I made myself a little income goal tracker sheet for 2019. My goal is to hit $100,000+ this year within my business and so i decided to make myself a visual. For each $1,000 I make within my business, I fill in a square icon on the sheet I designed. I personally like to fill in my squares once the month is completed, it makes it a little easier to keep things on track. I also like to fill in my squares with different colors, but that's just me! ;)

I designed 3 sheets for you to choose from; 5 Figures, 6 Figures, & 7 Figures. It is totally up to you and where you are at with your business and what kind of goals you have for 2019. The 5 Figure sheet is designed to hit $10,000 and you fill a square for every $100 you make. But if your goal is more like $50,000 then just fill in a square for every $500 you make instead, make sense? There are 100 squares, so just divide your big goal by 100 to know how much each box will represent (that's if you don't want to use my $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000 pre-made goals!)

5 Figure Sheet PDF Download

6 Figure Sheet PDF Download

7 Figure Sheet PDF Download

Print your sheet out and hang it up somewhere you look every day; desk, work area, medicine cabinet, vanity, etc. Feel free to tag me on insta with your goals! X0