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002. Top 5 Instagram Apps for Business

I want to preface this post informing you that not all of these apps are free, but please do not let that stop you from pushing the download button. I can't continue to stress enough about the importance of investing in your company (a more in depth post on this topic coming soon.) If you can buy yourself a coffee in the morning, you can totally get these apps I have to share with you!

1. UNUM - I love this app because it allows me to plan out my content and see the vision for my feed before I execute it. I am particular about how things layout in Instagram, for good reason. I like to space out posts about projects, mockups, photos of myself, photos of my family. I think there is something magic about balance, in all aspects of life, including Instagram. This app also tells you the best time you should post based on your engagement history, and it has a few other cool features too.

2. Unfold - I use this app to predesign my Instagram stories in the most stunning way. There are both free and paid story templates you can use, but I personally buy all of the new preset packs because I like to stay up with the trends. There are so many fun layouts to choose from, and then you can customize them with different fonts. When you are done designing a story series; you can export as a single page or an entire story.

3. Continual - If you are a business and you haven't heard yet, people want to see and hear YOU. There is something so rad about creating that interaction between you and your customers. It is so important to show your face when it comes to your brand. A great way to do this is to hop on Instagram stories and chat about your day in the business life; are you fulfilling orders and want to thank your customers, do you have advice for people, do you want to show off a new product? Creating a multi clip story on IG just got easier with this app, because you can record the whole video at once and then cut it into the 15 second (instagram upload time) clips for you to upload. BONUS TIP: Whatever you are talking about in your story, add an overlay of text briefing what you just talked about. Not everyone can watch your story with sound on, so this will help your message get across to even more people.

4. Lightroom CC - This is my all-time favorite editing app for iPhone photos. This is how i edit every single one of my photos. I have created presets that I like, and then I made an album of my different presets to easy access. When I have a new photo I want to edit, I go to my preset album and click on the one I like and want to use. Clicking on it automatically copies the presets that I previously applied. Then I go directly to the new picture I want to edit (don't click anything else on the way) and I scroll right on the toolbar over to the 'PREVIOUSLY' button and it will apply the preset for you. You may need to add more minor lighting/color adjustments of course, but this keeps it so my Instagram feed is cohesive and 'on point.'

5. Retouch - This app is like an actual magic trick, no joke. You can instantly remove items from a picture that just don't look great, or that look a bit out of place. I think the before and after on their app page, will do enough justice for you to know if you want to download this app or not.

6. BONUS APP: HUJI - You may have already heard of this app by now, but if you haven't this is the app that adds the vintage 'disposable camera' filter to your photos. I add these images to my story more often. It makes a regular picture look rad and vintage within the push of a button.